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Dawid “DAVE” Surowy

Shooting and photography exists in my life since i remember. Generally speaking – passion and brotherhood, you can always rely on your brother. That’s my rule. We’ve created Bullet Brothers as brotherhood of arms, a link so strong and undestructible which is a part of a life with your brothers.

My achievements are 1st place in rifle branch and 2rd place in handgun competition at Dynamic Air League events.

ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ for life. Never give up!

Igor “KACAP” Guziołek

My journey with shooting sports started in 2010 when i tried my best in airsoft. Since then I wanted to do something more and turned into my passion. I’m survival techniques instructor in “Always Vigilant – Semper Vigilant” association located in Murowana Goślina city, near Poznań, PL. By these years I managed to gain as much experience to develop myself that way.

I had an opportunity to participate in TCCC, RTO, CQB, large scale tactics, long range reconaissance, VIP/property/critical infrastructure security, hostage rescue courses. During my training I was supervised by police and army officers, including special forces (JWK, GROM, Formoza).

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Bullet Brothers Igor Patryk Guziołek

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